Holiday Team Building

The traditional company office party has just undergone a makeover. Now, instead of just celebrating, why not celebrate and give back? It’s the time of year for reflecting on community and giving, as well as celebrating the season, so of course it makes sense to combine it all together into one event: a holiday team building event for charity!

What’s Holiday Charity Team Building?

holiday team building logoImagine an office holiday party where everyone is involved in the fun, everyone feels the spirit of the season, and everyone gets to contribute to the community. That’s a holiday-themed charity team building workshop.

Take the concept of our regular, year ’round Bike-A-Thon™, and give everything about it a holiday flavor…that’s holiday team building.

As for our other charity workshop options, take our Happy Tails Charity Workshop, for example. Doesn’t the local shelter need help all year? Or how about our Mission: Kids Care workshop. Instead of filling backpacks with school supplies, your group is filling sacks with toys!

Here are a few other ways you can customize a charity workshop for your holiday event:

  • Mission: Military Care. This workshop has groups creating care packages for soldiers stationed overseas. During the holidays, it’s especially important for all of us here “Stateside” to send good will to our troops. The holidays are often when they miss home the most. For the holiday version of this popular charity workshop, groups assemble holiday gift packages, which are then sent to soldiers stationed around the world. Sending holiday cheer where it’s appreciated so much… everyone can get behind that idea!
  • Donate-A-Dinner™. Here’s another charity workshop that modifies nicely to fit the holiday theme. Teams compete in teamwork-building challenges to earn points. Points become dinners donated, so winning the challenges translates into more donations. If ever there was a fitting holiday motivation for good teamwork, this is it! Plus, you get to provide some holiday cheer and benefit the community in a way that’s ever so traditional. Help serve some holiday meals this season, and build your team too.
  • Bike-A-Thon™. Of course, this is our main event. More popular than ever, it’s even better during the holidays. Kids love bikes! We combine the best of team effort, holiday spirit, and connecting with local kids for a meaningful, fun way to celebrate the holiday at work.

Ready to Get Started?

Book early, since our holiday team building workshop calendar seems to fill up fast. Seems like every year, the notion of holding a charity team building party instead of just a holiday party gets more popular!

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