How Bicycle Team Building Works

We hear the same question all the time – “Does it really take two hours to build bikes?”

Of course not!  Even someone with below-average mechanical abilities could pull a bike out of a shipping box, read the directions, and build the bicycle in under two hours.  And THAT is where the magic learning experience comes in.

Our facilitators have been facilitating bicycle team building events since the 1990’s, and we’ve perfected the secret formula to help you get the most out of your event!

First we start by breaking the large group up into smaller teams.  Since we all tend to gravitate towards others who we know or work with, our facilitators have devised fun and effective methods to split the group up into completely random teams.  This helps to mix up the personality types within the teams themselves and facilitates interaction between individuals who may have never even met before.

Once the teams are broken up randomly, we throw in some fun icebreakers to get everyone laughing and comfortable with the others in their team.

Now the real work starts!  Each team is presented with challenges to solve, and for each solved challenge they earn the necessary parts and tools to build their bicycle.

The Big Reveal – well, we can’t give away everything, or everybody else will copy us!  Lets just say that each team will realize that they’re part of the much bigger picture, not just their immediate team, and in the big reveal will come their biggest learning experience of the day.

The bicycle team building workshop concludes with a fun and informative debrief, and knowledge sharing of how each person can take their lessons from the day back to the workplace.

If your schedule allows, we arrange for children from the receiving charity to come in and get their new bicycles – it’s a tear-jerker moment that leaves a lasting impression on your entire group!

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